Hi people of the web!

So, I have decided I am going to close this blog due to the fact that I wish to remain an anonymous blogger, it was much more fun. 🙂 I don’t feel as though I can write as “freely and openly” as I did before due to people who I know in real life who read my blog, it’s just kinda weird. O_o So, I will be moving my work over to my own personal domain. Thankyou to everyone who subscribed and supported this blog for its duration but I will be moving on from here.


Where Is My Money!?

There are many aspects of life that can be stressful, if you allow it and decide
not to manage that aspect of your life. One of the things that has majorly
reduced stressed in my life is money management. Seems like each time I
would check my bank account there was less and less money, much less
than there should be. I used to spend unnecessarily…very recent story
actually.  Continue reading